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Skate park in my city.

2008-03-04 08:06:53 by YEAHmix

Hi has you may notice I live in Portugal.
I like it alot, it's pretty and it's almost always good weather and all that, I live in 2nd biggest city in Portugal(Porto) and I love skateboarding BUT we don't have any skateparks!!
The skaters have been requesting it for years but one was never given.
Here's the twist: We now have a chance!
I appeal to my fellow NG'ers, Plz help me and the other skaters in my city.

Plz sign this petition if you agree with the construction of a skatepark.


Now, if you follow these advices you can become almost as good as me.

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[ice cold fighters]

2007-11-02 21:26:43 by YEAHmix

UPDATE: Good news I'm gonna hace a part in the ONE LAYER collab.
I've got an audio submission go check it out.
And I've joined the Skate Flash Club.

First of all I want to thank everyone that responded to my PM me post, exactly 2 people, and counting lol, except for smps that gave me a lot of crap (wich is ok 'cause he's my friend)
And now for the people who think I don't do anything for this site WELL I TELL YOU THIS I do!
Just not very much, but lets see: I came up with the idea for making the [ice cold fighters] banner that has nothing to do with the site its a counter strike clan my friend made up and I vote pretty much as often as I can.
Which brings me to another subject ,It's like this I just don't vote more 'cause of my computer (yes that's my computer ;] ) wich I think should be evry week's turd of the week (doesn't matter if it's not a flash it's the worlds biggest turd) or maybe creating a new category would be good ,something like "THE MOST FUCKING RETARDED SHIT EVER".
And further more I almost tore my ankle ligaments off skateboarding, and now I've lost some of my skills.
Now who the fuck's with me?

PS:It would be great if people continued to reply to my PM me post.

Have a friggin' nice freakin' day.

PM me

2007-10-08 18:28:40 by YEAHmix

If any one gets to this page can you please PM me why?

PM me

One more thing.

2007-09-21 21:13:45 by YEAHmix



2007-09-21 21:09:18 by YEAHmix

Watch out for ninjas and ducks.